Jumat, 01 April 2011

[new] Chat Room Management Commands MiG33

Dear Chat Room Owners and Moderators!
We have introduced some chat commands to help you manage your Chat Rooms against flooding or abusing!
Check out the some of these interesting commands below:

/silence [time in seconds]
Want to mute the entire Chat Room? This command helps to control flooding in your room! It turns on mute for all users in a Chat Room for [time] seconds, the minimum value for [time] is 30 seconds and maximum value is 600 seconds, if no [time] is given, the default value is 30 seconds. When a Chat Room is silenced, the Game bots still continue to run.
/botstop ! [time in seconds]
If you don’t want people to play games or invite bots into your rooms, use this to stop all bots in the room and set a timer that no bot can run for [time] seconds except for a bot that the owner or moderator sets up. [time] can be chosen between 120 to 3600. If no time is given, the bot will be stopped forever until the user uses “/bot” to bring the bot back.
/announce [message] [time in seconds]
Looking at making an announcement for an event, some rules or even someone’s birthday? This command allows you to make an announcement that appears every [time] seconds in a Chat Room. A Chat Room can only display one announcement. [time] can be chosen between 120 to 2600 seconds. If no time is given, the announcement will only show upon login to the Chat Room. The announcement message is limited to 320 characters.

/announce off

This command turns off announcements in a Chat Room.
Managing your Chat Room has never been easier with these new commands! Log in and try them out today!
The mig33 Team

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